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Keeping the mess away!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Having your tissue pack messed up in your pocket? The thin plastic that wrapped your tissues are always torn when you search your pocket or bags? Or have you experienced digging into your bag to find your wallet or keys and you end up picking up unused tissue papers? If it happens to you often, you might need a tissue cover then.

Well, I love to travel light and I only pack things that I really need while I’m out. Things like keys, phones, wallet and tissues in a compact little sling bag. The problem is, every time I take my wallet out from the bag at the cashier, things in the bag would fall out of place I can’t put them back like how I did when I stepped out of the house earlier. I ended up stuffing everything into the bag and leave quickly as I noticed a long queue behind me. The most vulnerable item in that tiny pouch of mine would be my poor tissue pack. It ended up torn due to my rough "stuffing" at the store. Tissues were all over the place when I emptied my bag at home.

Honestly, I have never thought of using a tissue cover as I didn’t like the idea of having something ”extra” or something ”puffy”. I came to realise that I can actually make something light and less puffy to protect my tissue pack in the bag. That way, I can continue to use my pouch, minus the mess and travel light.

I also realised that there may be someone out there who may have the same plight as me. That is why Hobby Loft‘s main product category is tissue cover. Convenience is key.

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